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Ben Austwick (he/him) – aka BiggusBennus – is a gay UK-based variety streamer with a love of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Minecraft, open world games, and adventure games. He’s always ready to find his next favourite game. Ben expresses his creativity and love of community through unexpected and unique game play – including game shows in Animal Crossing and Olympics-inspired competitions in Minecraft. No matter what the game, the members of his community – called the Biggus Bunch – love to come together for hours of laughter and friendly competition.

After a lifetime of loving video games, Ben joined Twitch in 2016 and became a Twitch Partner in June of 2020. His current podcasts – Split the Screen with Ed Nightingale and Jetstreamers – provide the opportunity to dive deeper into the topics of streaming and gaming. Both are recorded live on Twitch.

Ben has been featured in The Guardian, Gayming Mag, Nintendo Life, and Pink News. In 2020, he was nominated in the LGBTQ Streamer of the Year category of Gayming Mag’s inaugural Gayming Awards. In 2021, Ben was selected to compete in Twitch Rivals’ Minecraft PvP UK competition twice – coming in second place on May 12th and capturing first place on November 10th. 

Ben is passionate about making a difference and he lends his voice to progressive and inclusive causes as a streamer, podcaster, and citizen of the world. Focused on creating an inclusive and celebratory space for all, Ben fearlessly uplifts the voices of those experiencing injustice and oppression and is committed to being a builder of a better world. A proud member of Rainbow Arcade, an LGBTQ2AI+ stream team committed to uplifting queer content creators, Ben continuously champions queer rights and representation. His fundraising initiatives have raised more than $20,000 USD for timely and important causes since January of 2020.

When not streaming, Ben works as a teacher and loves to travel. With an appetite for adventure (and audiobooks!), he spends his weekends exploring the British countryside and the world.

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Ben is passionate about supporting causes that share his values. Never one to shy away from taking a stand for what’s right, Ben continues to celebrate, uplift, and empower the important work happening in our world – especially LGBTQ2AI+ causes. Regular fundraising streams take the welcoming and inclusive spirit of Ben and The Biggus Bunch and turn it into invaluable support for those doing amazing work to make the world a better place.

Upcoming Fundraisers

Check out the wonderful organizations and causes that Ben and The Biggus Bunch are excited to support. Please plan to take part if you can – donate, spread the word, and signal boost the causes!

Past Fundraisers

Ben has had the honour and joy of leading these successful fundraisers. These are causes that Ben fully endorses – please check them out.

Spooktacular Streamathon

Gamers Outreach is a for-purpose organization restoring a sense of joy and normalcy in the lives of hospitalized kids. Each year, millions of children and their families receive medical care inside hospitals. For many, the process can be scary and isolating. During hospitalization, kids lose access to friends, school, and moments that typically define childhood. Gamers Outreach believes the world is better when kids can play, and gamers have the power to help. Through equipment and software, the 501(c)(3) charity is on a quest to make play accessible – building a world where every hospital is enabled to provide kids with activities alongside care.

Mermaids Gender

Mermaids has been supporting transgender or gender non-conforming children, young people, and their families since 1995. Their goal is to create a world where gender-diverse children and young people can be themselves and thrive. Mermaids promotes education and awareness and offers information, support, friendship, and shared experiences to those in need.

Trevor Project Campaign 2020

The Trevor Project is the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning) young people. The organization works to save young lives by providing support through free and confidential suicide prevention and crisis intervention programs on platforms where young people spend their time: a 24/7 phone lifeline, chat, and text. The organization also runs TrevorSpace, the world’s largest safe space social networking site for LGBTQ youth, and operates innovative education, research, and advocacy programs.

Trans Heart 2020 for Trans Lifeline​

Trans Lifeline advocates on behalf of trans people, and works to build a resilient trans community through direct services designed, provided, and coordinated by trans peers.
The Hotline is there to provide peer support to trans people who need it, including in moments of crisis and suicidality.

The Microgrants program provides low-barrier grants to trans people in need of legal name changes and updated IDs – as well as specialized support for trans people who are incarcerated or detained.


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